BBC Two Learning Zone has produced a series of video maths challenges for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. Developed with input from our NRICH project, 3, 2, 1, Go! sees real schoolchildren solve problems given to them by sporting heroes.

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Key Stage 1 - Football Scoring Challenge

In this BBC Learning Zone 3, 2, 1, Go! challenge, two football-mad Key Stage 1 schoolchildren, Orla and Mia, are taken to Arsenal’s training ground. They meet Arsenal player Tomas Rosicky, and are set a maths challenge related to football.

Watch the video clip (if you want to skip the introduction start watching at 02:00 minutes into the video).

The challenge is for Orla and Mia to take ten shots at goal, add up how many they score and see who wins.

What did you think about the girls’ score?

What other results could have been scored from 10 kicks? You might want to discuss this in pairs, and then share what you think with the rest of the class. Collect the results on the board. How many different ones are there?

Could the different possible results be arranged in some way that would help us to know we have found them all?

You can try the goal-scoring challenge yourself. Get into groups of three, and take turns to be the person keeping goal, the person trying to score goals and the person keeping the results. Swap so that everyone has a go at goalkeeping, shooting and recording the results.

Who was the best scorer?
Who was the best goal keeper?
How many goals did your group score? How many were saved?

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Commissioned by BBC Two Learning Zone with advice from Lynne McClure (Director of NRICH, Millennium Mathematics Project, University of Cambridge), the clips were produced in collaboration with BBC Sport.