This game is aimed at primary school pupils at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Detailed teachers' notes for this activity, including instructions on how to play, are available on our NRICH website.

Olympic Cards

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Here is some information about two Olympic athletes who have won gold medals:


You will find a full set of 24 cards with information about 24 different medal winners on these cards. You can print them out and cut them out to play a game with your friends by downloading here .doc  .pdf

If you're not sure how to play see here.

You can decide what value to give to the different items that go with each athlete and that may change the winning cards.
How important is the date that the athlete won their medals?
How might you deal with the information about the nationality of the athlete?
How is it shown on the cards?

Photograph acknowledgements

Further information

If you're finding hard to get started, try looking at this hint.

Detailed teachers' notes for this activity are available on our NRICH website.